Decision in paradise part 2 essay

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Decision in paradise part 2 essay

Decision in paradise part 2 essay

Part I is available for you on Essays Part I, it was revealed that the island of Kava is facing many challenges and the residents of this island have requested assistance form the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC. The goal of Alex the Director for Strategic Planning at CDC is to aid Kava in developing and managing an effective, efficient and well organized process structure.

The restructure of the small South Pacific Island will include every part of life such as education, leadership, marketing, finance, purchasing, technology, human resources, physical resources, transportation, goods and services, and strategic planning. Kava has a rich economy of petroleum, coffee, cocoa spices, bananas, sugar, tourism, fishing; natural gas and inexpensive quality labor, these elements are significant to the CDC agency and the world at large.

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The future of Kava is to build and strengthen its economy. CDC is a global organization with affiliate offices and government agencies worldwide in countries like Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin American.

The agency believes assigning a few employees from each of these surrounding countries to assist Alex and me with the communication efforts will be the first step toward common ground.

In additions, work will continue with the current government that is in place at Kava, this will be necessary since the Kava government knows the needs and expectation of the natives. Once this structure has been established, Chris Morales will be briefed as to the budgetary needs of rebuilding and reconstruction of Kava, which will include humanitarian aid FEMA and Red Crosstemporary housing, disaster prevention, education, training and clinical aid to the natives.

Brainstorming EffortsCritical thinking is essential in this situation if Kava is to become a thriving island rich in culture and life.

As a team using the technique of brainstorming, it was determined that the fist thing CDC needed to do was establish a location where donations such as food, water, medical supplies and clothing could be dropped off to aid in the survival of the population. The next item on our agenda was to set-up temporary shelters.

The temporary shelters provide safety from the elements and would also serve as housing to the natives of Kava that had no place to live.

Decisions in Paradise Part 2 Essay

Brainstorming revealed that using prefabricated manufactured trailers would complete the job necessary and the price would not drive down the budget of the agency. During the next phase of the rebuilding efforts operation disaster prevention will be put into place.

The CDC will request that a warning system be put into place to warn of unavoidable disasters. Having area designated shelters in place for natural disasters will save lives during such events and preserve the population of Kava.

CDC will also begin training the natives how to respond in the event of a natural disaster emergency. This step will be crucial as CDC employeesApr 16,  · Decisions In Paradise Part.1 Decisions in Paradise Part.1 University of Phoenix CRITICAL THINKING: STRATEGIES IN DECISION MAKING MGT/ July 20, Decisions in .

Decisions in Paradise Part I Ellen Doling MGT/ September 12, Courtney Wilson Decisions in Paradise Part I There is that short lived time after obtaining your degree that you dream of landing the position where you can make a difference or that so called “Dream Job”.

Essay 2 In my experience one of the best places to learn true leadership skills is on the playing field. There are few situations in this world as intense, fraught with danger, and adrenalin inducing as participating in full-contact competitive sports.

Jul 19,  · Decision Essay. Decision Analysis: The Decision. Nevertheless, some other quantitative models are also used to evaluate investments by firms.

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In this part, I will illustrate several commonly used models and make a comparison between these models. Decision In Paradise; Decision Theory: a Brief Introduction; make or buy decision;.

Decisions in Paradise Part II Aaron S. Burks Sr.

Decisions in Paradise Part 1 Essay

MGT/ October 27, Jim Triplett Decisions in Paradise Part II Decisions in Paradise Part II In my report the Hightower Corporation will analyze the process of decision making. Decisions in paradise part 2 Abstract Rational decision making is an important process that needs to be evaluated in order to expand business operations in Kava.

This type of decision-making making process will assist the organization in effectively analyzing the various business alternatives and effective implementation techniques.

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