Finding the balance essay

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Finding the balance essay

Balancing Family and Work Family-work balance is a complex issue that involves financial values, gender roles, career paths, time management and many other factors.

Every person and couple will have their own preferences and needs. Still others hope to avoid the restrictions of roles and experiences that are too narrow or mismatched for them.

The most important thing we can tell you about balance: Preparation, intentionality and joint decision-making are the key to creating and maintaining the right family-work balance for you.

Many couples experience extremely strong forces pulling them away from the priority that they would like their family to have.

Without a clear plan and commitment to maintaining balance, time and energy for family erodes and evaporates. Family-work balance is a process, not a static achievement.

The real task of balance takes place on a weekly and daily basis, even from hour to hour. The process nature of balance means that you can and must adjust as required. No decision, plan or approach need be permanent. In fact, constant tactical adjustment and flexibility to keep on target toward your goals and priorities but not to accommodate outside demands where limit-setting is usually more in order is a hallmark of couples who are satisfied with their balance.

The first big balance decision faced by couples is when to become parents, if this is in their plans. Among the most important, but least appreciated, considerations is allowing an adequate post-marriage bonding period with your partner before children, even if you have been or lived together for an extended period before marriage.

Experts recommend a minimum delay of one year before trying to become pregnant. Other issues include reconciling personal, career and financial developments with preferred timing of children and biological imperatives.

Another key balance decision is whether one or both partners will work outside the home and the characteristics of their jobs. Talk to both working and at home parents about the pros and cons they have experienced.

Commonly cited pro-work factors include potential income, career continuity and advancement, workplace intellectual and social stimulation, enriched childcare social environment for kids, etc. Adverse factors include reduced time spent with family, fatigue, weekends dominated by domestic chores, chronic crisis coping, etc.

If your motives for working are basically financial, look carefully at the actual net benefit after deducting childcare, taxes, transportation, work attire and other work-related costs, especially if you are earning a relatively low salary.

Work options that can promote balance include part-time, flex time, telecommuting, compressed workweek full-time in 3 or 4 daysextended family leave, freelance and consulting, job-sharing, seasonal work.

Some experts recommend asking about these issues up-front during job interviews in order to promote accurate expectations for the employer and you. It is critical to distinguish between lip service and real commitment. Committed large employers will have written policies and procedures to address these issues.

Finding the balance essay

The attitude of your direct supervisor will be critical. Research Validated Models for Successful Family-Work Balance Both Full-Time Employed According to a recent study Zimmerman, et al, of dual-earning both partners full-time employed middle-class and professional couples with children that perceive themselves as successful in balancing family and work, these couples strive for marital partnership to support balance by: Whereas, if you define success as having a happy family and a happy marriage and [being] happy at work, then you make all those things happen.

Financial strain detracts from balance for both partners. Whatever your work arrangements, experts recommend a range of coping strategies to enhance balance: Briefly review activities and arrangements for the coming week every Sunday evening.

Briefly review activities for the next day every evening. Try not to control or criticize.

Finding the balance essay

Let go of guilt. See our time management article: Arrive at work early; leave work on a strict schedule. Block out work when at home or confine it to strictly scheduled times. Be prepared for family emergencies that call you away from work. Train subordinates to cover responsibilities when you are away from work.

Recognize that it will be hard but necessary to accept compromising some of your goals in order to protect higher priority involvements and activities. Remind yourself frequently that these strategies are critical to maintaining a life based on your true values.Essay on Finding a Balance Between Nature and Man - Two concepts we use referring to nature frequently arise.

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