How supply chain visibility can change

This definition is part of our Essential Guide: The essential guide to supply chain management best practices Share this item with your network: Supply chain visibility SCV is the ability of parts, components or products in transit to be tracked from the manufacturer to their final destination. The goal of SCV is to improve and strengthen the supply chain by making data readily available to all stakeholders, including the customer.

How supply chain visibility can change

By Terry Weiner, MEP Supply Chain Optimization team member In most of the surveys we see about supply chain challenges, it is supply chain visibility that consistently ranks near the top as most necessary. Okay, but why is visibility so important to overall success? In the ideal world of a demand-driven supply chain, flow of product to the end customer and from the furthest upstream supplier, is synchronized to provide a smooth and efficient flow of material.

In this ideal, the supply chain is also responsive to variations of demand. The goal of supply chain visibility is to: Reduce business and supply chain risk Improve lead times and performance Identify shortage and quality problems along the supply chain So why is this ideal state so difficult to achieve?

To understand the problem we need to first look at the real world as it exists today. To begin with, information in most organization exists in silos.

The sales department has its projections and budget, production has its production schedules, buyers have supplier cost and delivery schedule data, etc. The focus of this fragmentation of data is designed to serve the purposes of the individual departments in the organization instead of that of the entire supply chain.

In addition, each of the suppliers and customers has their own silos of information, not commonly shared with other supply chain partners. A concept that has gained a lot of discussion lately is that of the supply chain control tower.

How supply chain visibility can change

The control tower makes key data available to the partners in a supply chain facilitating coordination of customer demand with supplier response.

For a supply chain control tower to transform available data into usable information, development is required in three areas: Coordination of sales projections and the supply chain can assist in helping suppliers to anticipate future demand.

Organizations need to develop specific data requirements that can be shared between partners in the supply chain to make demand planning possible. Relationships — Information must be shared across processes not only within the organization, but within the functional silos such as planning, sourcing, production, and delivery.

It also across requires information sharing between business functions and outside the enterprise, providing a real end-to-end process view to all supply chain partners.

Information has to be shared across the supply chain in order to connect partners in the network and provide a real end-to-end process view. How do you connect a company with an enterprise-wide ERP system with a supplier who manages their business on a spreadsheet?

Innovations such as cloud computing, and data collection and analysis software are now making supply chain control towers possible.

Once a dataset is designed to give supply chain partners the information they need for sensing and shaping supply chain demand, the data can be communicated up and down the supply chain for analysis and planning.

Companies interested in increasing visibility or incorporating a strategy to overcome additional supply chain challenges such as risk or sourcing considerations can look to MEP centers for help.

The program converts supply chain strategies into tangible supply chain collaboration by utilizing an approach that equips manufacturers with the tools needed to improve. See a complete list of offerings. MEP leverages its expertise resolving the challenges experienced by U.

Terry has over 20 years experience in process improvements, quality management implementation and supply chain optimization. Contact Terry at weiner cmtc.

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He brings a broad industry background to his position. Terry utilized this expertise to help develop the risk aspect of the MEP SCO program, and is particularly interested in the data side of the equation.

He assists companies in translating advanced manufacturing theory into strategic and practical applications. Terry can be reached at weiner cmtc.Transparent supply chain management and effective supply chain visibility is a critical tool in a company’s continued growth and successful brand image.

The latest John Oliver episode on Fashion (which you can watch below) featured shameful behavior and practices that were part of how products. From "Industry " to "Smart Operations," everyone's talking about change.

UPS is here to help you get started, with tools and know-how to see across your supply chain, keep customers happy and increase your bottom line. When you have complete visibility across your supply chain, you know exactly when parts will arrive. So you can avoid. In fact, based on a recent research study, 94 percent of respondents believe that supply chain visibility platforms are a key driver for change in the supply chain.

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Supply chain visibility is commonly referred to as the ability to track parts, components and products from the supplier to the end user. However, supply chain visibility needs to go much further. If the purpose is to support collaboration between any supplier and manufacturer, it can be improved by also sharing data on capacity availability.

Our in-transit supply chain visibility solutions keep you and your customers up to date so production stays on schedule and planes keep flying. Shipments are proactively monitored 24/7 using our global system of control towers and when you need it, email alerts notify recipients of .

To Mitigate Supply Chain Risk, Supply Chain Visibility Can Open Eyes