How to write a good plot twist

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How to write a good plot twist

They become feverish, glued to the page with anticipation, waiting to see how the narrative changes because of the twist. The absolute best plot twists stick with your readers for years.

Every author wants to have their audience feel this way about their writing. Yet, many times their plot twists fall flat. Instead of igniting passion, their plot twists have people yawn.

First, we must look at the different types. Types of Plot Twists In general, there are three types of plot twists. Each plot twist has a different effect on your audience. Yet, there is only one true difference in each type of plot twist.

It is how you twist your reader's expectations. Your readers expect certain things to happen in your narrative.

Like, your readers assume a certain level of honesty. But this will almost never be true. Will everything said in your story be true? Will everyone in your story have good intentions? Will everyone meet their goals?

If you did, you'd have a boring story. As a writer, you must take advantage of these assumptions. You can do one of two things with these expectations: You can prove the assumption to be false and introduce the actual reality. William Diehl demonstrates this concept in his novel Primal Fear.

In Primal Fear, a mentally unstable boy named Aaron Stampler manages to avoid getting jail time for murder on the grounds of being insane. Yet, in the last scene of the book, it is revealed that Stampler lied about his mental condition to avoid being jailed. Since he cannot be tried for the same crime twice, he will escape with no penalties.

4 Ways to Write a Killer Plot Twist

You can also prove the assumptions to be true, but in a different way. These types of plot twists are more subtle, but can still blow your reader's mind. For example, in John Green's best-selling novel The Fault in Our Stars, people know that the romance between the two cancer-survivors cannot last.

Green spends the majority of the novel foreshadowing the main character's death, when it was her love interest that would pass. Twisting your reader's expectations hooks them to your writing.

how to write a good plot twist

Here are five different ways to produce this effect: Think of the Obvious When drafting out your narrative, think of everything that jumps out at you. This includes any lies, betrayals, secret lovers or twin brothers that come to mind. There's no wrong ideas in this stage; the goal is to get your ideas on paper.

Plot Twist Ideas: 7 Examples and Tips for Twists | Now Novel

Once you compile your list, there are three things you can do. Some of your ideas will be cliched, too vague, make no sense, or are too obvious. They will make your reader groan in agony with your inability to shock them.May 06,  · "Revealing" plot twists lead to an answer muddled in uncertainty in the story.

"Shocking" plot twists completely reverse the truth mentioned in the story.

Think of the Obvious

"Clever" plot twists use the constraints of the story to extract an interesting twist. Each plot twist has a different effect on your timberdesignmag.coms: May 06,  · An excellent plot twist adds complexity to your narrative and drives your plot forward.

Best of all, a good plot twist can cure any sort of monotony inside your story and picks up the pace. Your audience will thank you for timberdesignmag.coms: Jul 20,  · Edit Article How to Write a Story Full of Plot Twists. When writing a story, you want to write a fun plot.

Now, this usually means the classic, elusive plot twist%(52). Dec 01,  · Share your idea with others.

Feedback is always helpful. Friends, colleagues and teachers make good readers and might highlight ways in which your plot twist does not make sense or undermines your narrative. If you use multiple plot twists, be sure to tie-up all of your loose ends. Readers expect resolution, and hanging storylines 86%(48).

A good plot twist should build upon the central concepts, and never replace or contradict them. This applies not only for the big payoff, but for any plot development. 5 thoughts on “ 4 Ways to Write a Killer Plot Twist ” Michael Gale January 29, at am. I would actually recommend the post “The Difference Between a Great Twist and a Mediocre Twist” ().“A meh twist pulls the rug out from under the audience.

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