Internship experience in a accounting firm

As Deloitte is the largest professional services network in the world, I felt that an internship at Deloitte was a great platform for me to gain deeper insights into the accounting and audit industry. Deloitte is also known for its focus on diversity as well as career development programmes which I believe provide numerous learning opportunities for the interns.

Internship experience in a accounting firm

Sign in to save to your dashboard Getting work experience in an accounting firm An internship can be a first step towards a graduate job in accountancy.

Internship experience in a accounting firm

How and when should you apply for work experience and how do you make the most of it? Internships offer a structured introduction to working life in the sector and the organisation. Internships are an opportunity to get to know the sector, network and see whether an employer or a type of work is a good fit.

Some firms, such as Deloitteformally require you to have some work experience on your CV. Its recuiters expect to see at least four weeks' worth, although they don't have to be consecutive weeks or a formal internship. Internship programmes benefit both the students who take part in them and the graduate recruiters who run them.

Emma Simpson completed an internship at BDO and is now a tax associate at the firm.

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She comments, 'My internship provided me with a number of the skills that I now use every day in my job. I learned how to balance my workload and prioritise certain tasks I gained a number of technical skills as well, including calculations of tax and report writing.

You will need to put some effort into finding the right accountancy internship for you, however, and even more into making a successful application.

This opportunity allows participants to experience “real-life” public accounting and allows us the opportunity to evaluate the individual for future full-time employment. Participants in the E. Cohen internship program will have the opportunity to experience all service lines of the firm. The Internship Experience - Accounting Steve - Audit "I have mainly been working on auditing Employee Benefit Plans. I have typically worked on different clients a week and either working on them in the office or at the client site. Interestingly, among the interns surveyed, few respondents felt that technical or accounting experience was a primary factor in determining whether a firm was more likely to offer the candidate an internship.

We've answered seven of your most common questions about accountancy internships. What is an accountancy internship? What will I do during an accounting internship? As an intern, you should be treated as a member of the team and given meaningful work to do, similar to if not the same as the work carried out by new starters on the graduate programme.

You will get to test your skills in live situations, explore your career options and gain an insight into the organisation.

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An internship is not a ticket to a job but it can raise your chances significantly: If you play your cards right and perform well, you could find yourself in the happy situation of getting a job offer at the end of your internship. An internship can still point you in the right direction, though.

It could be that another area or department within the organisation appeals to you more. The bit of experience I had in accountancy showed I had some knowledge and I was able to draw on real-life experience. How do I find the right internship?

How do I prepare for applications and interviews? First of all, apply early! Many focused students will apply long before the deadline, so consider doing the same — if you leave it too late, recruiters may already have offered the internships to strong candidates who applied earlier than you.

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Also, treat the internship application as seriously as you would the application for a full-time position. Recruiters like to see applicants who have done their research and can explain why they are interested in a career in this sector.

How can I make the most of accountancy work experience? The general advice for interns with nothing to do is to find things to research. Using your initiative will be far more attractive to an employer than spending hours twiddling your thumbs. Work should be double checked and shown to other interns for review.

Make sure you read our article about alternatives to internships.

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I then completed an internship with PwC in my second year before being offered a graduate job.That is why we offer a unique program that allows our interns to gain valuable experience in all areas of accounting including tax, audit and consulting.

Our internship offers excellent compensation, assistance with locating housing if needed and a guaranteed diverse experience. This opportunity allows participants to experience “real-life” public accounting and allows us the opportunity to evaluate the individual for future full-time employment.

Participants in the E.


Cohen internship program will have the opportunity to experience all service lines of the firm. Internship at Accounting Firm X: A Personal Reflection Words Jan 14th, 5 Pages The purpose of this essay is to highlight my experiences at Accounting Firm X to shed light upon key learning experiences that can contribute to a holistic educational experience.

The internship team recently attended an orientation program in Dover, Ohio, which allowed them to meet and mingle with many of the firm’s leadership team and gain a greater understanding of the firm and the various avenues one could focus on when embarking on a career in public accounting.

Accounting internship experience - Job Sift - Web Results. Current accounting undergraduates and incoming Master in Accountancy students will have the chance to meet with firm representatives to learn more about the opportunities that exist at the “Big Four”, national, and regional public accounting firms.

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