Jane elliott teaches exercise against racism essay

Do you know what that means? But before you judge me, know that I fully support marriage equality. Sometimes people with good intentions, very good intentions actually, approach me. They are stargazers and light-seekers, friends and family members and even strangers who genuinely pursue relief from splintered eyesclarity from the murky darkness of confusion.

Jane elliott teaches exercise against racism essay

It gets students out of their seats and talking to others about their similarities. It is located at the end of the chapter in the printed text and is available as a supplement to the online edition.

This is a great way to show the harmful effects of discrimination and the detrimental effects on learning when people are told that they are inferior.

Have students underline their best sentences. Ask for volunteers to share their best sentence. Usually a good discussion follows. This video is now available online at: Students can also be asked to create a family tree that shows their ethnic or cultural background.

If your students are sharing the poster with the class and you are not collecting them, give students the freedom to be creative and use any size paper. One student brought a guitar with pictures taped on it to share with the class. Another student brought a paper bag with items to discuss and show the class.

Caution students to use positive thinking and to show what they are proud of in their lives. I ask students not to have any pictures or references to drugs, alcohol, violence or guns. Pictures should be in good taste. They should not have pictures of nude men or women, for example.


Ask students to give the common stereotype portrayed in the movies. At first students are hesitant to share stereotypes, so stress that these stereotypes are commonly presented in the movies.

This leads to interesting discussion as students contribute the stereotypes that they have observed. Finish this exercise by asking about the sources of these stereotypes, the prejudices that can result and the harm that can result from prejudice. My Groups The purpose of this exercise is to help students become more aware of the groups with which they identify and how they are affected by stereotypes.

Begin with a diagram that has one circle in the middle and four circles surrounding it. Write your name in the middle circle. In the surrounding circles, list the groups with which you identify. Turn to the person next to you.

Jane elliott teaches exercise against racism essay

Tell of a time you felt especially proud to be a member of this group. Share a time it felt particularly painful to be a member of this group. Which stereotype have you heard about one of your groups, but it fails to describe you?

At the end of this exercise, give students a few minutes to write 3 discovery statements. Ask for volunteers to share their discovery statements. Sandee Bonura, Instructor, Cuyamaca College Culture Walk The purpose of this exercise is to help students become more aware of the many types of diversity that exist and to find students who share the same experiences.

For this exercise, students form a line across the classroom. Students are asked to step forward and then back into the line based on questions asked by the instructor. Start with questions that are non-threatening to get students comfortable with the exercise.

Vary the questions to suit your group of students. Walk across the line if your favorite color is blue. Look into the eyes of those you brought with you. Look at those you left behind.

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Jane elliott teaches exercise against racism essay

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Clean Ep. Jane Elliott Explains the Blue-Eyed/Brown-Eyed Teaching Exercise, Racism, and the Rise of Donald Trump: Jane Elliott is the guest on this week's episode of The Chauncey DeVega Show.

Elliot is an anti-racism educator and activist who is most well-known for her Blue-Eyed/Brown-Eyed teaching timberdesignmag.com: Free.

comment: I am a Ph.D. student in public health and am contacting you concerning research on your risk communications principles.

I am responding to your interest in having more research done on your risk communication principles as you mentioned in the guestbook post by Knut Tønsberg..

I also work with a public health agency in . The Education Issues Page is a discussion of what's wrong with public education in America today, with an emphasis on the liberalism and political correctness involved in public education.

The quality of education is going down while the price keeps going up.

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