Microfinance sector in ethiopia strengths and weaknesses

The Depository monitors the Fund manager and gives advise on important issues. She started her career working for a social enterprise in Tanzania and then set up her own business consulting enterprises in East and Southern Africa. During her last position as Investment Director at BiD Network she assisted entrepreneurs attract finance for their business. Laura is the Director Truvalu.

Microfinance sector in ethiopia strengths and weaknesses

Improving Access to Finance in the Middle East and North Africa

Some are doubting microfinance really have that impact on poverty as the practioners would submit. Other describes microcrediting as a privatization of public safetynet programs. It was regarding the repayment rate, collection methods and questionable accounting practices.

Studies of microcredit programs have found that women often act as collection agents for their husbands and sons, such that the men spend the money themselves while women are saddled with the credit risk. Some borrowers have become dependent on loans for household expenditures rather than capital investments.

The key debate about microfinance is weather it should focus on improved welfare or financial sustainability.

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The welfarist approach could be for example supplying the customer with education and health wilst the institutionists focus only on the financial service.

The reason for that is only with total focus on financial sustainability the huge demand can be met.

BrandGuide The overall total was 5. Many respondents said it was difficult to generalise, so we broke the responses down.
Organization and Team – Truvalu This resource appears in: Asia and Pacific The topic of livelihood finance has become an issue of some significance in India.
Downloading prezi... Indeed, African MFIs lead the world in savings mobilization, in both the number of clients served and the absolute volume of savings on deposit. Although the results of this study indicate that the overall financial performance of MFIs in Africa lags behind other global regions, a growing number of MFIs—especially regulated and cooperative MFIs—are profitable.

Strength The biggest strength is bringing financial services to poor people and making it financial sustainable by the economies of scale effect. SHGs comprise twenty or fewer members, of whom the majority are women from the poorest castes and tribes.

Also helps in the development of an economy by giving everyday people the chance to establish a sustainable means of income.


Eventual increases in disposable income will lead to economic development and growth. Leave a Reply You must be logged in to post a comment.The microfinance sector should continue to develop in order to finance very small businesses.

Despite political stability, a slight deterioration of the business climate Cabo Verde is an established democracy. The Financial Sector Flagship Report that has been recently launched represents a major diagnostic effort that is expected to throw further light on the strengths and weaknesses .

Cameroon: Evaluation of Bank Group Assistance to the Social Sector, ; Search for Document. Type Leave blank for all.

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Microfinance sector in ethiopia strengths and weaknesses

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My research what are their strengths and weaknesses. Previous research on the impact of offering access to microfinance (micro “Clean energy promotion through microfinance” in Ethiopia The field research in Ethiopia . Strengths of the system Quality assurance systems in Ethiopia The Ethiopian higher education system has a number of strengths, including a transparent quality assurance process that looks at public and private higher education institutions and is operated through the Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency (HERQA), a quasi-autonomous sector support unit.

Financial Sector in Ethiopia; Management institute, financial leverage, economics of scale and new services and technologies among others are the strengths and opportunities of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE), while high staff turnover along with work inefficiencies and other macroeconomic issues are identified as its weaknesses and.