Post mortem

We are very aware that many of our customers were significantly impacted by this event, and as with any significant service issue, our intention is to share the details of what happened and how we will improve the service for our customers. As with any complicated operational issue, this one was caused by several root causes interacting with one another and therefore gives us many opportunities to protect the service against any similar event reoccurring.

Post mortem

Root Cause Analysis or RCA Streamline the post-mortem process The specifics around conducting post-mortems vary from organization to organization. Additional goals, including identification and implementation of system or process improvements, may be realized depending on the process followed.

In general, an effective post-mortem report tells a story. Incident post-mortem reports should include the following: A high-level summary of what happened Which services and customers were affected?

How long and severe was the issue? Who was involved in the response? How did we ultimately fix the problem? A root cause analysis What were the origins of failure?

Post mortem

Why do we think this happened? Steps taken to diagnose, assess, and resolve What actions were taken? A timeline of significant activity Centralize key activities from chat conversations, incident details, and more.

Post mortem

Learnings and next steps What went well? How do we prevent this issue from happening again? They can not, and should not, be wasting time and mental energy on thinking about how to do something more optimally, nor performing a deep dive on figuring out the root cause of an outage.

The post-mortem process drives focus, instills a culture of learning, and identifies opportunities for improvement that otherwise would be completely lost.

By forcing the team to explicitly dedicate time towards discussing and documenting lessons learned, while the incident is still fresh in their minds, the team is able to prioritize their focus on the right thing at the right time.

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The team does not sacrifice its ability to respond quickly in the midst of the fire, nor does it lose the opportunity to collaboratively understand how to improve its infrastructure and processes across every step of the response. Post-mortems matter because learning together establishes the right culture around failing forward, with iterative and continuous improvement.

The blameless post-mortem A blameless post-mortem is critical for understanding failures by trying to understand how a mistake was made, instead of who made the mistake. Some make the argument that the blameless post-mortem might not seem possible because humans are hardwired for blame.

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Whichever terminology resonates with your team, the key point is that post-mortem discussions should be safe spaces in which teams can be completely honest and oriented around improving for the future instead of blaming others for the past.

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