The sympathetic character

In grad school I printed up business cards and edited everything from Guggenheim applications to resignation letters to doctoral theses. Writers hate being told that their central character is unsympathetic. As a writer, I empathize.

The sympathetic character

You don't want to alienate readers by allowing a misogynistic undertone to infect the narrative. Think about why your character is the way he is. We struggle to feel sympathetic for someone who comes on to every woman The sympathetic character meets if he's cocky, arrogant and pig-headed and we hate him all the more if he's charismatic enough to have at least some success with this approachbut we can feel sympathy for a man whose inability to interact with women as anything other than sex objects is an undesired symptom of a social interaction problem.

We might even feel sympathy for a young man brought up in a sheltered household where women have been always been treated as objects, and we can come to like him once he gets into the real world, upsets some people, and must battle his own upbringing to find his place in the world.

There's a story right there. With enough skill and sensitivity, I think you could even make the reader sympathetic to someone with a violent or dangerous perversion. Your character might have violent or abusive fantasies, but he might be disgusted by these fantasies and he might feel that they are a kind of illness that he's desperate to be rid of.

That's a very powerful angle to write from. You can get some inspiration by remembering that today's norms are yesterday's perversions, and history is full of real life people who struggled to come to terms with what were at the time considered to be perversions.

Brian Sewell once described his homosexuality as an "affliction" and a "disability" in an article which no longer seems to be online but is referenced on his wikipedia entry. There's a lot of creative material there for someone with the determination and sensitivity to pull it off.A sympathetic person is one who's motivated by compassion.

You can imagine that most of the people who work for the Red Cross are sympathetic types. In literature and film, the sympathetic character is the one who is likable or who evokes feelings of sympathy from the audience. A sympathetic character is a fictional character in a story whom the writer expects the reader to identify with and care about, if not necessarily admire.

The sympathetic character

Protagonists, almost by definition, fit into the category of a sympathetic character; so, however, do many supporting characters and even villains. See also.

The sympathetic character

2. unsavoury, nasty, unpleasant, unattractive, obnoxious, objectionable, disagreeable a very unsympathetic main character 3. (with to) against, anti, opposed to, set against, disapproving of, antagonistic towards, ill-disposed towards, unsupportive of I'm highly unsympathetic to what you are trying to achieve.

Shylock is a character in William Shakespeare's play The Merchant of Venice (c. ). A Venetian Jewish moneylender, Shylock is the play's principal antagonist. His defeat and conversion to Christianity form the climax of the story.

Sympathetic Character.

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